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Hudson's Malamutes - Past Alaskan Malamute Puppies - Page 19
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White Alaskan Malamute
litter mate of Cimarron
I love the updates that I get from my furry friends' new owners. Sometimes these updates are not the best or what we hoped they would be, as in this case.

Just as these owners, Tim & Adele that owned Fenwick, can sometimes get frustrated, I find that some want to give up on and rehome their furry friend when things get hard. Remember there are other alternatives besides giving up on your new fuzzy companion because things just are not going your way. Being firm and consistent with your direction for your new pet is very important. Please see my page - What do you recommend for training? Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Kindergarten - I stress this so much just for this reason, these giant dogs get big quickly. You have a pet that goes from 10lbs to 110lbs in ten months. Just like with this couple, Tim & Adele found "without" proper training and direction these big guys can take over and it becomes very difficult to control 100lbs or more of persistent pet that has never been taught to do anything the right way and wants to do everything "his way". That is why it is very important to be consistent, get into training when your puppy is little. Also not to just dump your furry friend when things get hard. There is always an answer if you want to fix it. Your fuzzy companion is "not disposable" and is a life long commitment...

Here at Hudson's we take every puppy back. They have a home for life and someone to look out for them. We understand that there are special cases and just like Fenwick almost didn't have a home twice, because the owners were frustrated and wanted to give up. And didn't seem to know how to handle a giant dog. I was willing and ready both times to take Fenwick back. Always remember we are here to answer any questions that would help and assist you in not having to go to that extreme of rehoming your new furry friend.

I am here to assist and help, like I said, but sometimes new owners don't want to hear the help. "Training, be firm, be consistent, it's hard work, you've got to spend the time" - sometimes they don't want to hear this, but I will keep repeating it because that's what it takes. There isn't an "easy answer", no "quick fix", it's consistent, patient work with your puppy. I go over this and get agreement from puppy buyers before they buy, but sometimes I think the real amount of work just isn't sinking in for some.

As for "acute pancreatitis" with much research and discussion with my vets it seems like this is a common problem with dogs that are fed table scraps with a high fat content. Although this may not be the case every time it is very important for owners not to feed processed high fat sugar or starch foods. Please see my page - What about table scraps? Not a good idea! Dogs do not need processed sugar, fats or all the starches we eat. Not only don't they need them, they aren't good for them. So no processed foods !!! Although there is no known cause for this condition it is easily treated if found early. Some of the signs of this are anorexia, vomiting, weakness, abdominal pain, diarrhea. So be very careful if you think something is wrong - do not wait! Know your dog and if you see any of these things get him/her to a vet. Below are some additional links about Pancreatitis in dogs and cats.

As you can see below on the picture on the right, Fenwick was quite a bit over weight. It is very important not to feed your dog excessively and if you do have an overeater, then to monitor proper food intake. Malamutes are not a breed that typically overeat but in some cases you have to limit the intake of food. Always treat your dog as an individual. I love all of my past furry friends as a well as the ones to come. So we need to learn and grow to be sure we do everything we can to keep all of our furry kids safe.

Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick

As you most likely remember, we got off to a very rocky start with Fenwick.
There were a lot of things going on at that time out side of Fen's world that made it difficult for all of us, including you.

After regaining patience and perspective we found a very good trainer that specialized in Mals and Rotties.
It didn't take long, and Fen became a well mannered and incredibly sweet animal.
He was the most famous dog in Ocean Springs. Everyone new who he was and was always impressed with his inquisitive and gentle behavior, particularly since he was so big (150 lbs) He slept by my side every night and was always at the door to greet me after work.

Fenwick died the night before last at our vets. He became incredible ill during the day of June 28 so we took him in. Our vet immediately put him in ICU. Our vet found him dead at 0600 Thursday morning. They had no idea what had caused the rapid onset of his malady, even after many x-rays, mri, and thorough chem test.
I authorized an autopsy. I felt it would be for the best, closure for Adele and I, as well as need for the vets to know.

He died of what appeared to be an incredibly quick and lethal onset of acute pancreatitis. He had not presented with any symptoms at all prior to the 29th.

My best friend is gone and only God knows how much I miss him....

I just thought that perhaps you'd like to know how he turned, and what became of him...
He was loved by one and all....

Tim Lawton   August 01, 2008


Okay, before you say "OH NO! Not them again!" I just want to tell you that everything has worked out. Between getting Fenwick fixed-(never got any testicles)-and finding the right trainer for him--we are doing great. We found Patti Carmel down here and she spent 2 hours with us and Fenwick. I learned that it was me that was the problem, not the dog. I had to learn to be very assertive with him. Also, you might pass this along to other owners--you can take a coke can and put 15 pennies in it--when Fenwick would jump on me and start to mouth me, I took the shaker can and shook it one time--really loud and yelled NO at him. I've only had to use the thing 2 times. He has tested me a few times, but then thinks better of it. He's very smart! and very funny.

We made it fine thru Hurricane Katrina, although my Mama lost her house and everything in it, being on the water. We rode the storm out in a Comfort Inn north of I-10 with the crew of CNN, who all wanted their pictures taken with Fenwick.

Another thing he did the other day was, I let him off leash to run with the other dogs on the beach--big mistake! We still have a lot of debris from houses on the beach--he promptly ran over and grabbed a big stinky ziploc bag of stuff from a freezer--ran into the marsh and ate the plastic bag. I called the vet and he said, it should be okay--he's so big (125 lbs. now)-he'll probably process it. Well, after 2 weeks time, he horked it up on my side of the bed this morning!! Still recognizable as a ziploc bag. Needless to say, I won't be letting him off leash until they clean up the beach.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know he's doing fine and I've learned to laugh at him instead of being frustrated--he seems to appreciate that--just like people.

Adele   November 13, 2005


Can you rescue Fenwick? I cannot find any other rescue group that will take him.

If you can I will personally deliver him to you on the 15th of April.

Tim Lawton   April 01, 2005

Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hi Joleen,

Just keeping you posted on Fenwick's progress. He is 115 lbs now and a handful. We are going to obedience classes every week and he's doing well, as are we. We're getting trained along with him. Here are some fotos for you to see. We love the big moose and are keeping up with him pretty well.

Adele and Tim   February 23, 2005

Fenwick's litter mate, Cimarron is on Page 17 and his non-littermate brother, Duke, is on Page 33

Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick

Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
Fenwick at 6 months

Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick
puppies pictures
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick

Fen is incredibly intelligent. So far he has learned to ''come'' and ''sit'' without using any food reward system. He also understands ''No!''.

Every body loves him and he has become part of our ''Beach Pack''. He loves people and all other dogs.

I hope these pix will give you an idea how he looks. He has gone from solid white to ''biscuit'' on his head and ear tips. The back of his tail is turning gold as well. We'll take more pictures today and send them on.

Hope everything is OK with you and your 4 legged family.

With love and best wishes,
Tim & Adele


It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter.

Fenwick is well but I believe it would be in his best interest that he taken in by another home.

My job situation has taken a turn that doesn't allow for me to spend the time neccesary to train him properly, or even have quality time with him. In addition, my wifes time has come to the point where she has to to take care of of my her ailing mama all the time. She also does not have the time to properly attend his needs. He is still young enough where he could make the transition to another more suitable home where he could get the attention he needs and deserves.

He is a wonderful, intelligent, and sweet dog that deserves the very best. Could you help us place him?

He is free to the right home. The only thing is that whoever should want him has to pay for his transportation.

We have been maintaining all of his vet requirements and have his records.

Thank you. Please help us help Fenwick.

Tim Lawton   August 01, 2004


JOLENE   August 01, 2004


I have found a taker for Fenwick. He is a retired friend of ours with an aging siberian. He has all the resources as well as a large fenced yard. He has been enchanted with Fen since he first saw him. He will do well by him and we will be able to an aunt and uncle to him. It is a kind of a win, win situation. I guess things work out the way they're supposed to. If you can notify your pick up man,Jerome, that he no longer needs to come this way, I'd be much abliged. I am sorry for any inconveniance this may have cuased you. Thank you for being there. I'm just really glad things have worked out the way they have. You can call at xxxxxxxx

. Thanks
Tim   August 02, 2004


When I emailed you yesterday it was not easy. This was not a snap decision or something out of the blue. It was a situation that started to go bad with the declining health of my wife's Mama. The time and other conditions were getting to the point that I had grave concerns about what was best for Fenwick. Not what was best for me, not what was best or convienant for us; what is best for Fenwick. Emailing you was as hard for me as the day I had to call my vet to home to put my beast friend of 13 years down.

I feel that I got lucky when our friend Stigg stepped up and said he'd love to have him. Problem solved and we still get to see Fen and play with him on the beach or over at Stigg's house whom we see often. Sorry about the trouble it caused you.

But the most important thing is; whats best for Fenwick? I think I did the right thing. Would you have done anything different under rhese circumstances? I think not. I found him a home where Fen knows all the players. Better than a shot in the dark.

And its not like I was motivated by money. As I told you he was free to a good home and I've got more than $1500 tied up him to date. That sound like some one just blowing off and investment? No! The welfare of the animal was parmount!

So I'm sorry for your frustration. I'm sorry I have to give him up.

I've spoken to Jerome, your pick up man. I am sending him his money. He will reimburse you or probably just tear up the check. And I'm frustrated too. And very,very sad.

Tim   August 02, 2004

Fenwick's puppy pictures at Hudson's
Hudons Malamutes - Cimarron
Hudons Malamutes - Fenwick

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