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Hudsons Tork - Gray/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Isis -  White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kami - Red/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Ace -  Black/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Mae -  Sable/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kuma  Mahogany/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Zurry  Silver/White Alaskan Malamute

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Wolf Gray - Full Mask
Wolf Gray - Gray guard hairs with light gray, cream or white undercoat. Dog definitely appears gray even though there may be some black hairs on the topline. No red factor evident.
Full Mask - Combination of cap, goggles, and bar..
Parents are Laska and Kibo

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

Yesterday Laska Puppy #3, now known as Juno, went to the groomer for a professional day of beauty. Afterward I took this photo to update her HomeAgain file. I hope to weigh her tomorrow. My guess is that she is now a shade over 90 pounds. She continues to be extremely well behaved and loves all dogs and kids. This dog has no issues with her social skills. She is also an amazing retriever and loves to play fetch--something I didn't expect from the breed.

We passed your name and website to one of the board members of the company where my wife Sharon works. He is a fan of Juno. You may be hearing from him.

Ross Buchanan 27 Jul 2012

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

Greetings from Chicago, where these days Juno is approximately 85 pounds of awesome. It's hard to believe that she turns 8 months on the 12th.

My former boss is moving to Minneapolis and, ironically, he is not bringing his Malamute's sled. His dog, Jack, is pretty old and his mushing days are behind him. So last night, one of the hottest in the last century, I was given the sled pictured below with Juno and the girls.

The sled did not come with a harness. I am curious if you have a recommendation about where I should get one. The sled is rigged with two lines, left and right, that end in brass clasps that look like the end of a leash. Any ideas?

We hope the puppies are holding up in the heat. Juno has figured out where the central air conditioning jets are around our home.

Ross Buchanan 6 Jul 2012

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

This shot is a month old, but it captures her goofy personality perfectly. You can see how her mask darkened.

Ross Buchanan 29 Apr 2012

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

Juno is doing very well. She is extremely good around kids and other dogs and is learning to deal with bicycles, pogo sticks and ripsticks. Here she is chilling out in our yard earlier today. It was in the low 60s and she was loving it.

That woman from Chicago never called or emailed me back. BTW, Puppy #3 had Hudson's Queen of the Gods approved by the AKC. I hope you enjoy that branch of your family tree.

Ross Buchanan 10 Mar 2012

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

Juno is enjoying her time at home and at my office. If you want to track her growth, you can follow what we call Malamute Mondays. Every Monday I will photograph Juno and it will post to the Octane Chicago Twitter feed and Facebook page. Just "like" the FB page below or follow Octane on Twitter and you will see automatic updates.

Juno continues to do well, although last night she really acted up when Elise brought home ribs for dinner. Maybe it was her history with meat Monday at your place, but she wanted those bones. We were in a bit of a war of wills from 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm. She ultimately learned that she is not in charge. She left me exhausted. I think it was a bigger test for me than for her.

You may hear from my vet, Robin Friedman at My Vet Animal Hospital. She has questions regarding the vaccination record. I had to roll Juno in for her rabies because Evanston requires it by law. She was impressed with Juno.

Ross Buchanan 28 Feb 2012

Hudsons Malamutes - Juno
Hi Jolene,

Literally overnight, her ears stood up.

All is well. She did have one crate freak-out that ended with me washing her in our shower. Other than that, she has a good handle on housebreaking and knows not to get on the furniture. She knows commands for sit and lie down. We are working on heel and stopping at corners. At this moment she is sleeping on the floor at the foot of our bed. Awesome.

In this photo she is a touch warm. She insisted in lying in the sun in our TV room.

Ross Buchanan 26 Feb 2012

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