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Hudsons Tork - Gray/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Isis -  White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kami - Red/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Ace -  Black/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Mae -  Sable/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kuma  Mahogany/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Zurry  Silver/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudson's Malamutes - About Us

We have been breeding and raising Huskies and Malamutes since 1996.

Our Business Philosophy
We believe that there is a puppy for every home and a home for every puppy. The trick is matching the right home with the right puppy. Puppies are cuddly, cute, warm and make us feel good, but there is much training, patience and love that must be given to them if they are going to grow up to be a companion for life.
Health care to all dogs is a must and this includes keeping the kennel area clean and free of things that will harm the dogs.

Our Kennel
If you haven't noticed by now, we love our dogs. All our puppies will have their first shots and worming before being placed with a family. Our kennel is clean and spacious. We also provide space for the mom and her litter.

Hudsons Huskies & Malamutes Kennel located in Tennesee
They are welcome to be free here without small chains or small living quarters. Our spacious kennel allows plenty of room for the adult dogs to run and play. We also recognize that when mom has pups she needs a place for time alone.

Below is a photo of some of our new malamute kennels. The kennels are so large that I couldn't get all of them into one photo.

Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Malamute Kennels

The yards are 20-30 x 80, as well as video monitored/recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Yes, those are shade tarps over the back of the kennels!

We have just moved into our new kennel and home in 2006!
Even though our prior living arrangements were great, the move has improved our living arrangements and made everyone even happier!

Below are the Siberian Husky kennels.
Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Husky Kennels

All of the Siberian Husky girls live as a pack together. There is plenty of shade and space, the new home is great. We all love it ....

Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Husky Kennels

The picture below shows the husky males living arrangements separate from the girls

Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Husky Kennels

Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Malamute Kennels
View from outside the kennels
Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Malamute Kennels
View from inside the kennels

My malamutes live together as a pack. Many books & breeders will tell you that Malamutes are same sex aggressive - I prove with my kennel and living arrangements that with proper training it is a false statement.
Malamutes can all get along. What sled team do you know that can't get along? Just come see for yourself....

Hudsons Malamutes Spacious Clean Kennels - Puppy Building
Our puppy building is completing construction
Check back for updates!

How It All Started

Kiev - 1992-2003

Kiev as a pup, born May 24, 1992
This is where it all started, with Kiev as a pup
He will always be missed!

Kiev with my son, Alex almost 10 years ago
Kiev and Alex (my son) - almost 12 years ago
Love you Kiev!

Kiev getting a little older
Kiev in 2000 - a beautiful boy who will always be missed!
He was a beautiful boy
who will always be in my heart

To give you an idea about where it all started, Kiev was my first Husky.

I purchased Kiev by working on the owner's kennel - because at the time I didn't have enough money to buy him. He was a 7 month old pup that was returned and traded for a Malamute pup. I took one look and knew I was going to get the pup one way or the other.

I didn't have a fancy house or a fancy yard but Kiev was always thought of first. I was very young when I got Kiev, in fact, I was in high school and out on my own, but that didn't make a difference. I have been all over the U.S. and Kiev hung in there for the long haul.

So we ended up in Tennessee. And one day I decided to get Kiev a friend. And I went to look! I took one of my own friends with me and of course my friend wanted the blue eyed female (Lady) . Well I saw those big brown eyes (Cyble) and I melted. So I decided to take them both. What a surprise, right!!! And it went from there.

I have done rescue and worked locally and regionally. I have seen some of the cruel ways people treat Huskies and Malamutes.

I pride myself on my spacious kennel and the treatment my dogs receive.

I strive to find the best homes for each of my pups. And hope they live as happy and healthy as Kiev did.

I welcome anyone to my kennel any time.

Thanks and God Bless,   Jolene

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, but to you goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.
© 2004-2013 Jolene Houghtaling
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