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Hudsons Tork - Gray/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Isis -  White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kami - Red/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Ace -  Black/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Mae -  Sable/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Kuma  Mahogany/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudsons Zurry  Silver/White Alaskan Malamute

Hudson's Malamutes - Frequently Asked Questions

15. What kind of toys are good?

Malamutes are intelligent dogs and get bored easily. Get toys & chew toys that keep them engaged (avoids boredom destructive behavior):

  • Greenies - Greenies
    All dogs love them, but they are especially great for teething pups!
    Greenies not only satisfy's a dog's natural desire to chew, they contain the natural green advantages of chlorophyll, which comes from plants.
    Hours of chewing time

  • Nylabone Healthy Edibles Nylabone Healthy Edibles
    also provide hours of chewing time for a teething pup.

  • Buster Food Cube - Buster Food Cube
    Some of my pups' human parents report their pups love the Buster Cube. Fill it with dog food, the pups have to roll it around with their nose to get food to come out. The cube has different 'difficulty' levels.
    Good mental stimulation for the pups.

  • IQube Puzzle - IQube Puzzle
    Four soft squeak balls are inside the soft cube. The pups need to nose in and figure out how to get the squeak balls out. Or, they sometimes just shake it until it's "raining squeak balls". The squeak balls are terrific entertainment on their own, but so is the fun of getting them out of the cube.

  • Tennis balls & racquet balls are great toys for dogs. The racquet balls are bouncier, but each has their own 'doggie' charms. You can purchase tennis balls for less from a sporting goods store or a good dollar store than from a pet store.
    As with any toys, supervision is important. If they chew up the tennis or racquet balls, take it away from them and throw it out, making sure you throw out any little pieces they may have torn off. We don't want any choking!

    Hard plastic softballs are also good for inside and out.

  • Frisbees are great toys, sometimes to chase and sometimes to chew. Soft plastic frisbees are better for pups than hard plastic, as they could chew off hard plastic pieces of regular frisbees and choke on them. There are also plush frisbees available.

  • Nylabones Chew Toys and other hard chew toys are good for pups. Safer than other dog chews; will not splinter or break off in chunks. Many have natural flavor enhancement.

  • Plush Dog Toys are good, especially squeaking or talking toys.
    Don't get toys that have sewn on button eyes (puppies will tear them off and possibly choke on them), or have vulnerable parts like a sewn on vinyl nose (the pup will have that nose off in 2 minutes and be ripping out the stuffing and then it's time for a toy funeral - way too soon).
    Some dollar stores have plush squeak toys that pass the tough-enough test, also.
    Sheepskin toys are very good.
    Your grocery store may have the Hartz Rescue Dog plush squeak toys. These plush dogs usually have multiple squeakers, are tough and you're donating to Search & Rescue Dogs at the same time.

  • Vinyl squeak toys are good

Many veternarians caution against rope toys because the pups chew off rope pieces, swallow them and some have had surgery to have rope string removed from their intestines, where the rope got lodged and wound around causing the pups pain.
Some people have never had a problem with their dogs and rope toys, but it is better to be safe than sorry and to stay away from them.

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