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Hudson's Malamutes - Frequently Asked Questions

27. What are New Puppy Owners'/Buyers' Typical Questions?

Q.) When can I have pictures of my puppy?
A.) I try my best to have updated pictures for everyone on a regular basis. But this is much harder than sometimes I can make it look. Pictures are very difficult to get of a squirmy, bubbly pup that does not want to stay still or have that flash in his/her face all the time. Repetition of asking to please send pictures takes away from time from your pup. So please be patient and I will send pictures when I can.

Q.) Do Puppies socialize with other species of animals at your home?
A.) Puppies are with there mothers for many weeks. I am sure if stray animals such as cats or squirrels or birds get around pups moms would not be to happy. So NO... Puppies do not get socialized here with other species of animals. However puppies can be socialized with any species of animals between 6-12 weeks of age. You have ample time in the new home to socialize them with other species if you choose.

Q.) Are your dogs OFA certified?
A.) Yes my dogs are certified and NO I do not give certification info myself. I encourage people to look this up for themselves. Many do not understand that going to the official site you can find all OFA certified dogs yourself. Many say that there dogs are certified but they do not certify there dogs. So to educate everyone to not be deceived I encourage you to look this information up for yourselves. See the site listed above for all information.

Q.) What is my puppies temperament like?
A.) Please see this FAQ for detailed information.

Q.) Do you guarantee that a Dog/Pup will be "big" or a certain size?
A.) NO.... I can not guarantee anything. Being a breeder for many years I do know what to expect from a litter in most cases. But with anything in life there is no guarantee. Your best information on size would be what there parents sizes were- (Actual weight not advertizing weights) and also previous litter mates or half siblings. So checking out my Past Puppies pages and finding the relation between those pups and a pup you might be interested in is what will give you the best idea of potential size.

Q.) I want a "Woolie" puppy? Can you guarantee me a "Woolie" pup?
A.) NO.... I do not guarantee coat length. I have had many pups in the past look as if they were going to have a long "woolie" coat. And they ended up as adults having a short coat. I have also had that happen just the opposite where a shorter coat as a pup turned "woolie" as an adult. So in many cases I just can not tell you for sure if you will get a woolie puppy or not. As a breeder of many years I will give you my best educated guess on what I expect out of that specific pup.

Q.) Will my puppy stay the same color that they are when I purchased him/her?
A.) Not always. Black/white & Red/white along with other colors may end up diluting out, darkening up or just changing all together. Please see my Past Puppies pages to find many pictures of puppies when they are small and what they ended up like when they turned adults and lost that first puppy coat. I put that information on there just for this question.

Q.) How can I tell that a puppy is a "Red/white" (Not Sable or another color)?
A.) RED DOGS HAVE RED/LIVER COLOR PIGMENT. Red dogs do not have BLACK pigment. It is just that simple! If the puppy or dog has a red/liver nose, eye liner, an all together there pigment is red/liver colored than the puppy is considered RED. If a puppy has a black nose and appears red as a puppy, the color WILL change and that IS NOT a red puppy. Many breeders do not understand or know the difference. So be very aware as a buyer if you are looking for a red puppy.

Q.) I want a malamute with those pretty "blue eyes" !
A.) MALAMUTES DO NOT HAVE BLUE EYES !!! EVER... If you have seen a supposed malamute with blue eyes that does not mean that your malamute is pure. Even if you have papers. The AKC papers are only as good as the breeder behind them. Many people have been known to be dishonest. So if a malamute has blue eyes than it is most likely a mix breed that has been falsely claimed to be a pure malamute. If you saw a basett hound with dalmation spots is it a Dalmatian or a basett hound? Neither- IT IS A MIX BREED. So mixing a pure malamute with ANY other breed makes it a MIX BREED....

Q.) My dog has papers- It is a Pure Bred Dog !
A.) Not always. Just as stated before the papers or authenticity of a dog is only as good as the breeder behind it. So just because your dog has papers does not mean that it is proven to be pure. Especially if it CKC or many other "not so good" registries.

Q.) My dog is CKC registered is it pure bred?
A.) Not necessarily.... CKC along with many other registries are very lax in there rules. I can take a dog that looks like a German Shepherd or any other breed straight out of the pound with no authenticity to the dog -and then take four pictures of it and claim it is a pure bred and CKC will issue me full registry papers for that dog. The papers will claim a pure bred and can be bred and pups can be full registered as pure.... CKC is also known as the "Puppy Mill" registry of choice. AKC has rules and regulations that they want you to follow. They also have home inspections and tell you to take proper records of your dogs. CKC does not require these things to be done. So for tax purposes, and in most cases "shady business" practices this is why CKC is used as a registry by some breeders. Many of the registry that are shady do not care, nor do they check that what you are doing is honest and right. Studies were done with CKC registry and a hamster was registered at one time as being a pure bred dog. This is how careless many registries are. AKC, UKC and many other individual dog registries are on the up and up. You as an owner/buyer you are responsible to know or find this out before you purchase. Caveat Emptor !!!

Q.) Why can I not pick the time I want my puppy shipped?
A.) Flights change from day to day. Weather, temperature and many other things play a role in when and where the pup can be shipped. Depending on the time of year Hurricanes, Heat, or Blizzards in other parts of the U.S. not even close to the destination play a part in if the pup can even fly that day or if flights are delayed. Just finding one flight to some airport can take two hours of my time or more. Trying to get puppies ready, new owners together and be on time for the flights can be difficult. I have to be sure the pups are safe and are going to be where they are supposed to be. So minimizing the time the pup has to be in the air and making sure that the weather(natural disasters) or any other factor is not going to stop a pup from flying are all things I have to consider. So many things have to be considered before knowing when a pup will arrive. I try my best to get the pup on the shortest, fastest flight possible. Flights CAN NOT be booked until "7" day prior to shipping. Pups are very important.

Q.) I know you are busy. Can I e-mail every day for updates on my puppy?
A.) You can e-mail me. Please do not expect a response right away. Please see (Puppy Picture Question above). Every time a person is taking time from me it takes away from the very important time I need to be with puppies. I want to be there for all of my puppy owners. There are times when I am more busy than others. Please put all your questions in one e-mail. I will get back with you as soon as I can. Also if you do not get a response within 72 hours I most likely didn't get your e-mail.

Q.) Why Can't I breed my puppy?
A.) See this FAQ for detailed information.

Q.) When do puppies ears stand up? And do all puppies ears stand up?
A.) Puppies ears should stand up on their own by six months. But could possibly take up to a year. Some puppies ears need a little more help than others. Laid back, easy going pups at times could be a cause for ears not to go up. Keeping these pups alert and interested and exercising their ears is helpful with mellow, easy going dogs. Sometime a "woolie" puppy has too much hair and the hair is to heavy to let the pup's ears stand. Shaving the hair on theot ears to give them a little time can help. Sometimes it is as easy as a "Pet-Cal" Tab (supplements) every day. Most cases of ears not to stand is a calcium deficiency. So supplementing the puppies diet will help this problem also. Another reason could be an injury. If the pups ear was broken (just as if you were to break your nose) it can calcify and stay down. So rough puppy play could injure an ear beyond repair. So there are many reasons to why ! But in almost all cases besides an injury you can help your pup's ears come up by taping them. If a pup's ears have been up at one time and are now down they will most likely come up on their own and you have no need to be concerned. I have only had a few puppies in my years of breeding not have ears stand on their own. So if this is a concern of yours let me know and we will work on getting your puppy's ears up :)

Q.) What is the difference between a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute?
A.) Huskies are very high energy very high active dogs. They are GO GO GO. They have no loyalty to one person they love everyone and everything. Just think of what a dog was made for and that is what you get many times in different breeds. They love other animals and people. They do not do well with Chicken, Geese, Ducks, Goats, Etc. They are not farm animals. They will chase and play with anything that is smaller than them. As for children they love to play. Small children do very well to keep up with the huskies. If a burglar came to your home the husky would say here is the money, here is the jewels and hey buddy I am going with you. If you were in a fight with that burglar the husky would want to "Play" also. Huskies are defiantly diggers so if you love your flower garden this dog might not be right for you. There average weight is 35-65 lbs. With males being about 20 lbs more than females on average.

Malamutes are a lot more laid back. They used to baby-sit the M'loot children in the tribes. They can be protective but not all cases. They are not a guard dog but are a dog that takes care of problems if the problem finds them. As I call a lie and wait dog. My personal opinion is the females are more protective and want to know more of what is going on. Males I call the Mellow Mush Balls. Malamutes on average are a slower pace dog then the huskies. Malamutes are big Chewers. But if given lots of chew toys and taught at a young age what is appropriate that is all a malamute needs. They can be stubborn in some opinions. I call it a great thinker. Malamutes are on average 75-150 lbs. With females being about the same size at times. So size is not gender specific. On average my finding are females max in size of 130-140 lbs. There can be a larger heaver boned dog but "size"(shoulder height) is about the same on average just bone structure to make the dog heavy weighted is different.

As for them both they are both a hard headed dog for first time owners. They are independent thinking dogs and are made to make there own decisions on trails and such. So some people view that as stubborn. I view it as the most inelegant dog out there. They can work out a puzzle or problem. Just people that don't understand them and try to train them the same as they would a retriever or Shepherd are the ones that get frustrated with these breeds. They are very different and take different measures of teaching. Time and patience with both breeds is needed along with Puppy Classes, Puppy Classes, Puppy Classes. As I would recommend to anyone with ANY breed of dog. If you are not prepared to put a whole year of hard work into your pup you might want to wait for a better time. These breeds are both a great dog.

Q.) Does my deposit go towards the price of the pup? And can I get my deposit back or put it on another puppy?
A.) The deposit is for a specific pup. The reason you are putting a deposit on a puppy is to say that you are serious about that pup that you are putting the deposit on and that is the specific pup that you want. Deposit is not made to put on a pup so you can hold it to see if that is the one you really want. If you are looking for something particular in a pup you will need to wait until you are sure that you see the pup you want. Your deposit is not transferable or refundable in any way unless I do not have a puppy for you or I agreed to stipulations prior to the deposit being made. If you put the deposit on a specific pup it will stand on that pup unless otherwise agreed.

Q.) Why can't I put a deposit down for a puppy with a specific hue/tint or coat length that I want?
A.) Most of my pups are sold by six-eight weeks of age. And deposits are taken a lot of times before the litter is even born. This makes it very difficult to tell anything about the pups coat length or true color. Most things like coat length and color can not be determined until the pup is older and when the puppy coat blows for the first time which is usually about 6 months or later. So I can not hold every pup in the litter until I can determine this. So the only way I take a deposit on a puppy is if you are looking for a color and gender only. I do not take deposit on puppies with specific markings or hues(color tint). Or any specific coat length.

Q.) What is an Alaskan Husky?
A.) An Alaskan Husky is a MIX BREED. There is no official "type" or breed that is considered pure. So the term Alaskan Husky is meant for any mix breed dog that is part husky used for a specific purpose. It is a type of dog that is a Siberian Husky mixed with one or many other breeds. Usually a Greyhound or Coon dogs. Greyhounds have large lung capacities and large hearts to handle long distances. There are many mix breed dogs that can be mixed including Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, Alaskan Malamute, Etc. So an Alaskan Husky is not a pure bred dog.

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