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Hudson's Malamutes - Frequently Asked Questions

40. A True Hudson's Dog

What gives a breeder or owner of a dog the right to call their dog a Hudson's dog? Or for that matter a Wakon, Cascade or any other reputable breeding kennel? What makes a Hudson's dog a true Hudson's dog?

This is simple. If the dog was bred by Hudson's Kennel it is a Hudson's dog. If it is not bred by Hudson's Kennel it is not a Hudson's dog. This is the same for any dog bred by any individual or kennel. The dog's foundation comes from the person that bred that dog.

When the AKC established any breed, a certain amount of dogs were entered into the stud books to make a breed what it is. So the word "pure" bred in many cases was a type or set standard that was made for the breed when the breed originated.

Over the years breeders change the looks, type, gait, health and many other things of a breed. All breeders breed for is a specific thing that works for them and their breeding program. And that is what makes one breeder more desirable than another. Some for a tail set, some for a bite, some for working ability, some for ears. Others for size as my kennel does. This breeder, if knowledgeable and in for a prolonged period of time, can start to make their own dogs look very unique.

This is an example of how a breeder can breed for a specific thing in their own dogs and line - With my breeding program and size the concept is if you have two humans - The man is 6 foot 4 inches. And the woman is 6 foot 1 inch. And their parents were also over six foot. What are the chances if these two people have a baby that they are going to have a child that grows up to be only 5 foot tall? It can happen but chances are that there child will be the size and look like their mother and father. And that is the same principle of breeding. What is the chance that we will have 55-80 lb Malamutes? Those chances at Hudson's are very slim.

Some breeders also attempt to portray their dogs as another breeder's dog or line by advertising another breeder's bloodline as that dog's line. That may be true of the specific dog but when a dog is bred, those offspring are no longer any part of the previous breeder's program. And the new offspring become the owner/breeder of those specific puppies. So the breeder of the offspring is the owner of that new line. Knowledge of that person and the background they know on their own dogs is what makes that breeder. And is what you should expect out of those offspring. As I tell everyone you can have one good dog and one junk dog and if you combine them together what do you get? Good-Junk?

So the same concept goes with size. You can have a giant dog and a standard dog and if you put them together you get a Standard/Giant? Doesn't make sense? So my recommendation is buy from a reputable, knowledgeable kennel. And talk to the breeder about their lines and their dogs. If they advertise or promote another breeder's line and have so much confidence in the other breeder and not in themselves. Then CALL the "other" breeder !!! Why would you buy from someone that has no confidence in what they are doing in their own breeding program, so much so that they have to promote another's to sell their own dogs?

I breed for Health and Temperament first. My next thing is size. So having up to three or four, even five generations of healthy happy dogs - And all being 90-160 lbs - That is what you can expect from my Kennel.

We all start our breeding program somewhere. Meaning we all get our dogs from someone to start. This is what many breeders call our "foundation dogs". Foundation dogs are dogs upon which we base our kennel. Good breeders selectively pick foundation dogs to start for many different reasons. Some of these reasons could be Health, Temperament, Size, Look, Bite, Tail set, Working Ability or any combination of things. Just about anything that the specific breeder is looking for in their breed of dog.

Breeders selectively take these dogs in combination and put them together to make something that they like in the breed. That is why in many different kennels you can see many different "looks" of a dog. That is what makes one breeder more desirable over another to that specific individual that is looking for a dog/pup. So the result of a breeder putting two dogs together makes them that kennel/person's dog.

So the longer a breeder has been breeding, the more that breeder studies their bloodlines, the more that breeder can tell you about their own lines and can give you a more accurate prediction of what the puppy will be when grown. And that is what makes a kennel have specific "bloodlines". And the better chance you will get the exact puppy you are looking for and not just taking a chance. If you are only going to have one furry friend for 10-12 year why would you settle for just any dog?

All dogs/puppies papers that are acquired from my kennel have my Kennel, Hudson's, as the first part of your dog's name. I am proud of all that I produce. And I want all my puppies bred by me to have my Kennel's name on them. We work very hard to be the "Best" and to have the "Best" Alaskan Malamutes anywhere. I have been breeding dogs for over twelve years. My knowledge of my dogs and their lines is unmatched. And have many generations of Happy, Healthy Loving, puppies and puppy owners willing to tell you all about me and my Hudson's dogs. This is why I can say you can't find a Hudson's dog anywhere but Hudson's.

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